Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of harmful substances and the impact they have on the environment. Militex is developing more and more ‘green’ cleaning products. We contribute to reducing chemical consumption in the cleaning industry.


Militex is a professional partner for the wholesale trader. We deliver customised products  and always quality products that are efficient and user-friendly. These form a recognizable series, are applicable everywhere and also comply with all complex EU regulations. Our products can be applied in: industry, catering, car industry, schools, swimming pools, hospitals and nursing homes, etc.

To get a good impression of the products we produce, you can view our product overview.


Microbiological cleaners, the specialty of Militex! These products have been created using a sophisticated mix of safe and readily degradable additives, in combination with 100% safe micro-organisms. These products provide you with several advantages; swift and safe cleaning result combined with the after-effects of the micro-organisms. The result is powerful cleaning combined with amazing odor removal properties.


Through the use of safe raw materials, effective cleaning agents are created daily in our production department. Militex is also in full swing with research taking a central place. We continually take a critical look at the formulations, are always looking for modern raw materials and regularly develop new products.


Militex leads the way in the development of safe cleaning products, products on a natural microbiological basis and ‘green’ cleaning agents. For more than 70 years, Militex has been developing and manufacturing products in this way. We continuously optimize our bussines operations, our products and packaging by constantly evaluating the effectiveness, user-friendliness and sustainability and adjusting them if necessary. 


In a sustainable world, people, planet and profit are in balance with each other. Militex strives to minimize our ecological footprint and to develop cleaning products and maintenance products that have no or an extremely minimal impact on the environment. This starts not only with the selection of raw materials, but also with our choice of packaging. 

User-friendly & safe

Every Militex product is customised, specially developed for our partners. In addition to efficiency, the user-friendliness is also of paramount importance. Many products are without any hazard symbols and therefore safe for users and surfaces to be cleaned. The absence of CLP symbols makes life a lot easier for you: no special rules for transport, storage and use. All the benefits that distinguish you in the market.


Our product lines

Militex products are divided into 4 distinctive product lines.


The Militex MICRO products have been created using a sophisticated blend of safe and readily degradable surfactants, in combination with micro-organisms. This provides you with several advantages: swift and safe cleaning result combined with the after-effects of the micro-organisms.


The Militex ECO products are provided with the famous European Ecolabel. This environmental label of the European Union promotes the transition to a circular economy. The Ecolabel criteria relate to the entire life-cycle of a product or service. From raw materials, energy use to harmful substances and waste.


These are the conventional, very strong and efficient cleaning and maintenance products. Our CLASSIC series is very extensive. We produce professional universal, interior, glass, sanitary and floor cleaners, as well as dishwashing products, car shampoos, floor waxes and floor strippers, etc ….


The following philosophy has been chosen for the EXTRA series: versatile, effective products without CLP warnings and with a superb perfume. Composed on the basis of superior, innovative and safe raw materials. The result is the beautiful EXTRA series: soft, safe, highly concentrated and always effective.


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