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Militex is a Dutch company and since 1948 continuously active in the development and production of customised solutions in cleaning products and maintenance products. The specialty of Militex is private label production. Truly customised for everyone, also for you. Curious about your benefits?

Private Label















Everything in-house

Militex has everything in-house: a professionally equipped production hall with 16 different mixing vessels, multiple filling lines, a modern laboratory for product development and competent staff in every department. The staff provides, among other things, a modern label design, packaging, transport preparation and (inter)national shipping. You have only one point of contact at Militex; all contact is smooth, clear and professional. That makes thing easy for you and saves you considerable amounts of time.

Private Label

At a time when the market is more transparent than ever and all well-known brands are under heavy pressure, a private label series creates a distinction in the market. With a private label product, you yourself determine the sales price, the packaging, the label, the distribution, all promotion and marketing. This will enhance customer retention and thus the continuity of your business in the longer term. If desired, we can of course support you here.

A private label product naturally also includes a private label. This way you underline the identity of your company. You can submit a design yourself. Would you prefer to outsource the design? That is possible, the Militex specialists will gladly take the work out of your hands. And we do that free of charge!























The well-known high Militex quality, innovative safe products, respect for the environment, user-friendly packaging and, moreover, your corporate identity on every product; these are just a few key words that will certainly appeal to you. If required, we support you in your marketing through training (at Militex or at your location).


For over 70 years our customers benefit from our practical experience and expertise. Every department within Militex has qualified staff who work in a solution-oriented and professional manner with regard to various issues. In this way, we can support you in the area of cleaning, storage of cleaning agents, composing labels, etc. We can also provide various training courses with regard to, for example, cleaning, cleaning agents, work protocols and sustainability. This can take place in IJmuiden but also in company.

For issues that are difficult to solve, we would like to come to the relevant location to find the solution together with you. To keep the expertise at a high level, the staff regularly follow courses and information days. Our trade association NVZ also provides us with the necessary information.






















Microbiological cleaners, the specialty of Militex! These products have been created using a sophisticated mix of safe and readily degradable additives, in combination with 100% safe micro-organisms. Water, oxygen and food (pollution) ensure that the micro organisms become active. The enzymatic substances that are then produced ensure that the pollution is water-soluble and removed. These products provide you with several advantages; swift and safe cleaning result combined with the after-effects of the micro-organisms. The result is powerful cleaning combined with amazing odor removal properties.


Militex leads the way in the development of safe cleaning products, products on a natural microbiological basis and ‘green’ cleaning agents. For more than 70 years, Militex has been developing and manufacturing products in this way. We continuously optimize our products by constantly evaluating the effectiveness, user-friendliness and sustainability and adjusting them if necessary. An innovation team with employees from various departments within Militex is engaged in innovations that relate to products, the environment, sustainability and business operations. We are also constantly looking for innovative packaging, where sustainability and the convenience of dosing are of course of great importance.



















In a sustainable world, people, planet and profit are in balance with each other. Militex strives to minimize our ecological footprint and to develop cleaning products and maintenance products that have no or an extremely minimal impact on the environment. This starts not only with the selection of raw materials, but also with our choice of packaging. The suppliers are also assessed by us on their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Sustainability is an important aspect in our entire business operations, where employee well-being, waste separation, water saving and energy saving are important priorities. With the implementation of the requirements of the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning in our operations, it is once more confirmed that we continuously show improvements in the field of sustainability.











Legible documentation

Militex uses the latest professional software packages to draft, among other things, material safety data sheets. As Militex’s customers can be found all over Europe, you can have material safety sheets in most languages that occur in the EU area at your disposal. Again a clear Militex advantage for you.

quality marks

Quality marks

All Militex products meet strict environmental, quality and health requirements. This can be demonstrated by various quality marks, certification and memberships at important authorities.

ISO 9001:2015

As customers, you expect all Militex products to meet your wishes and needs. Increasing competition and social developments lead to increasingly higher demands and expectations that are placed on quality. The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate Militex is tested on an annual basis (by Bureau Veritas) on using its resources efficiently, managing risks and managing organizational processes.

European Ecolabel

The Militex ECO line is equipped with the European Ecolabel. These products have minimal impact on the environment during the entire life cycle. This quality mark is awarded in the Netherlands by Stichting Milieu Keur (SMK) and is completely independent.


Militex is admitted to the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. This is the environmental management system of the European trade association for the washing and cleaning industry: A.I.S.E., and has many similarities with other healthcare systems such as ISO 9001 and 14001, and EMAS.

This quality mark confirms that Militex considers sustainability to be of paramount importance, and that we are focused on a good environment, for now and for future generations

Member of NVZ

Militex is a member of the NVZ: the Dutch association of soap manufacturers. The NVZ represents a large part of the cleaning sector in the Netherlands and therefore able to optimally represent the collective interests.

Member of ISSA

The leading trade association for the global cleaning industry is the ISSA: International Sanitary Supply Association. As a member of this organization, Militex can easily access valuable contacts during the various trade fairs organized by ISSA.

Partner of MVO Nederland

Militex is extremely involved in the environment. This is already apparent from the start of the company. In order to reinforce this importance, Militex is a partner of the Dutch organisation concerning corporate social responsibility.


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