Since 1948

Militex, a remarkable industry

What is the origin of Militex?
For that we have to go back more than 70 years in time, to 1948:














For many former soldiers it was not easy to find work in the years after the Second World War. Although the Regional Employment Office did everything to help demobilized people at work. The 29-year-old W.M.J. Rhombus from the Mesdaglaan and A. Knoop from the Lorentzlaan, two former soldiers, therefore started in July 1948 a factory and wholesale of chemical and pharmaceutical products in a garage in Heemstede. The products were soap, wax, anti-septol, floor oil, polishes, abrasive powder, dry and tempered dyes and spraying agents for agriculture. On 6 December of that year, the deed of the new company passed notary M.W. Treurniet and got the name ‘Militex’.














In January 1949, seven ex-servicemen were employed at the factory, the office and the warehouses and eleven were in the field. This company was not directly concerned with the manufacture of products, but more with the social framework, in which former soldiers, old illegal workers and war victims were put to work. In the first place, the aim was to compensate the financial disadvantages of the underlying years under the guidance of a few chemists. For that matter, the work was so energetic that the founders had great difficulty keeping the overview. Due to the influx, work was done in several places in the spring of 1949.



































In 1950, the agency and wholesale trade in chemical products from the company Willx was added to Militex. The prosperous company was then transferred to a former laundry, belonging to the Breed family at Blekersvaartweg no. 10.

















In 1986 a new management came and Militex concentrated on supplying the professional market through wholesalers. From that moment on, the focus was on industrial cleaning agents, disinfectants, floor, sanitary and glass cleaners. Because the building in Heemstede was too small for the many activities, it was decided to move to Ampèrestraat 3a in IJmuiden in 1989. This building was large enough to accommodate offices and a large platform with several mixing vessels.






















Due to the enormous growth, more and more space was needed for the required machines, raw materials and packaging. The workforce had also grown to such an extent that the available office space was no longer sufficient for all staff. That is why it was decided to also involve the vacant building at Ampèrestraat 7c. In this building large office spaces were present and sufficient space for the storage of packaging. An additional advantage was that one could also use the courtyard between the two buildings. To date, the production department is still located at number 3a and the offices at 7c.


From 1989, the then director, Erwin van den Eijnde, was already investigating the use of micro-organisms in detergents. Partly because of his determination in the belief of the functioning of the micro-organisms Militex takes the lead in microbiological cleaning. In 2004, this resulted in a series of cleaning agents with micro-organisms, a revolutionary development in the world of cleaning.













Militex joins the AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. Through an external audit we have proven that we do everything we can to make our footprint as small as possible. This quality mark confirms that Militex considers sustainability to be of paramount importance, and that we are focused on a good environment, for now and for future generations.











Militex exists 70 years! All this time we have proven that we are a suitable partner for the wholesalers we supply. In the future, the customer is also at the center of everything we do. It is precisely in the current digital era that a personal approach is greatly appreciated: thinking along, advising, anticipating quickly and delivering consistent quality.











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Ampèrestraat 3a

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Ampèrestraat 7c

1976 BE IJmuiden