The Militex ECO products are provided with the famous European Ecolabel. This environmental label of the European Union promotes the transition to a circular economy. The Ecolabel criteria relate to the entire life-cycle of a product or service. From raw materials, energy use to harmful substances and waste.


Militex manufactures multiple products with the European Ecolabel. These products are environmentally responsible, completely safe to use and also fit perfectly within your CSR strategy. You show that you care about the environment, pay attention to the safety of the end users and think about the responsible use of cleaning products.


Glass cleaner - Mikro 816

Mikro 816 is a glass cleaner for the cleaning of all water-resistant smooth surfaces by means of the spraying method. Cleans effectively and streak-free in 1 operation. Multifunctional.

Dosage: spray undiluted, wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth, and done!

Sanitary cleaner - Mikro 831

A mildly acidic daily sanitary cleaner for the effective cleaning of all objects in and around the sanitary room. Cleans streak-free, removes lime soap and skin-grease deposits, prevents scale build-up and is freshly perfumed. Not applicable to calcareous tile types.

Dosage: depending on the pollution 20 to 40 ml. per 10 liters of water.

All-purpose cleaner - Mikro 840

A powerful universal cleaning agent for cleaning all water-resistant surfaces. The product is very degreasing, streak-free and friendly to the skin.

Dosage: depending on the pollution 20 to 40 ml. per 10 liters of water, preferably dissolved in warm water.

Floor cleaner - Mikro 853

A moderately foaming and pleasantly perfumed cleaning agent for the cleaning of all water-resistant floors. By using the correct dosage coatings and water-resistant polishes will not be damaged.

Dosage: depending on the pollution 20 to 40 ml. per 10 liters of water, preferably dissolved in warm water.









The Militex MICRO products have been created using a sophisticated blend of safe and readily degradable surfactants, in combination with micro-organisms. This provides you with several advantages: swift and safe cleaning result combined with the after-effects of the micro-organisms.


The following philosophy has been chosen for the EXTRA series: versatile, effective products without CLP warnings and with a superb perfume. Composed on the basis of superior, innovative and safe raw materials. The result is the beautiful EXTRA series: soft, safe, highly concentrated and always effective.





















These are the conventional, very strong and efficient cleaning and maintenance products. Our CLASSIC series is very extensive. We produce professional universal, interior, glass, sanitary and floor cleaners, as well as dishwashing products, car shampoos, floor waxes and floor strippers, etc ….


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