For years we have been developing and producing various microbiological cleaning agents, both in concentrate form and in ready-to-use versions.

Militex has now put together a complete line of microbiological cleaners for you to carry out almost all cleaning activities. In addition to these products, we now also have a microbiological product that greatly reduces the number of emptying and cleaning of grease traps.

The products have been developed based on important aspects of our business philosophy such as safety, durability and user-friendliness. Another important aspect within Militex is the cooperation and support of our customer in various areas. For microbiological cleaning, support is perhaps even more essential than with regular products. Working with microbiological cleaning agents requires knowledge and we are happy to share that with you.

To make this all clear, a brochure has been developed for our clients in which the entire concept of microbiological cleaning is explained in a simple manner. This brochure makes it clear to everyone what exactly these cleaning agents can do, also for the end user! It is, of course, also possible to catch up with “in-company” about microbiological cleaners.

The brochure can be requested via or by telephone at the service department: +31(0)255 531644.