Microbial cleaning in poultry farming: Reducing dust, ammonia and odor is an important theme for poultry farming in the densely populated Netherlands. In doing so, reducing these environmentally harmful factors must go hand in hand with the welfare of animals and employees in the barn. This requires new solutions that must also be introduced in this sector from practice-oriented innovation with sound, experienced and technically content-related partners.

An innovation that is now in the spotlight is the Animal Life Plus microbial continuous cleaning. This automated stable cleaning concept, called Microbalans, provides in practice cleaner pigsties and is currently being scientifically tested as an environmental measure in this sector. Militex is a proud partner of Animal Life Plus, with which the entire chain of development, raw material, production packaging, logistics, advice and delivery is in Dutch hands. Partly with this, the solidity is what the sector demands.

Motivated by the good results in pigsties, Microbalans is now also used in poultry houses, both for laying hens and broilers. By sharing knowledge and pooling experience, we are now also taking steps in this sector to ensure a better operating return goes hand in hand with taking social responsibility.

We show that Corporate Social Responsibility is both a chicken and egg story.

PLUIMVEEWEB, October 2018: The cleaning agent development and production company Militex, which has developed the bacterial cleaning, has been working for almost fifteen years to adapt this for stable use by developing the best mix of bacteria and application method.  (link to article)