Healthier operation in livestock farming. Here too, Militex is a partner in the development and production of innovative detergent concepts. Intensive livestock farming is under intense scrutiny when it comes to human and animal well-being. Farmers do their utmost to combine these wishes of society with healthy management. Both are now feasible through the application of newly developed microbial cleaning agents in combination with a fully automated stable cleaning concept.

Militex has been a leader in the development and production of safe microbial detergents for 15 years. We are one of the initiators of the Animal Life Plus company that markets the continuous stable cleaning concept internationally. In this company 100 years of expertise is combined, from raw material to livestock farming.

That cleaning is the basis of every healthy company we all know as professionals. That it also contributes to cleaner air in and around the stables is great news. Scientific research worth more than 1 million euros is in full swing, to substantiate this further. This has been made possible, among other things, by an innovation subsidy provided by the Province of Overijssel. We are proud of the great attention this concept receives from the sector, society, national and European politics and the media, including Radio 1.

This project is a typical example of how Militex works with partners on leading success.