“Our vision is mainly focused on the future, but it is of course very special: 70 years! Nowadays there are few companies that can celebrate such an anniversary. So we certainly want to give extra attention to this milestone! “says Dennis Koekenbier and Guus Ploeger who jointly form the Militex management.

A rich history
Militex has been at the forefront for 70 years when it comes to socially responsible business operations. CSR was the central theme directly at the time of foundation in 1948. Militex was started in that year by two former soldiers. It was not about quick turnover, but mainly about the social framework within which former military, former resistance workers and war victims could work. All people with a distance to the labor market.

How do you become seventy years old?
“The reason we exist for 70 years is because Militex constantly renews. We pay attention to demands from the market, but we mainly focus on the growth and development of our own capabilities. For example, look at our extensive line of microbiological cleaners. That is a important innovation that we have realized entirely on our own. And of course, the customer is central to everything we do. Especially in this digital era a personal approach is greatly appreciated: thinking along, advising, anticipating quickly, consistent quality and regularly showing your face. In this way mutual trust develops and you build a sustainable relationship where customers become partners. “is the view of Dennis and Guus.

What does the future of Militex look like?
The further development of total concepts, the use of increasingly responsible and renewable raw materials on a plant basis, new applications for new microbiological cleaners. These are just a few things that Militex is fully occupied with. So also for the next years, Militex is the ideal partner for all parties looking for a distinctive and individual identity.